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Piers Hudson (b. 1997) is an exciting and innovative young composer with an impressive portfolio of compositions already under his belt.


His musical journey began with the guitar, with composition starting in his late teens. Piers’ interest in guitar music drew him towards more experimental genres and to 20th century classical music in particular.


Having been accepted onto the undergraduate composition programme at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Piers has composed a set of highly original works, scored for a variety of ensembles. These include a massive and ambitious orchestral fantasia (containing 34 separate string parts and drum kit); a microtonal string quartet composed for cellist Oliver Coates of Radiohead renown; a work for ensemble and electronic keyboard, traversing a kaleidoscope of microtonal tuning systems; and a composition for the illustrious vocal ensemble Exaudi with a text by the composer. Piers is currently in his postgraduate studies on the Guildhall Artist Masters programme.


Piers and his work have received some comment from senior figures in the profession. Prof. Matthew King has described him as “a Twenty First Century Erik Satie”; the composer Julian Anderson has said of his music “I’ve never heard chords like that before” and Sir Harrison Birtwistle has said of him, “you remind me of Wittgenstein”.

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