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West Heath School, Sevenoaks

The Lump


Monday 23rd March - 14.30

A classic early Japanese animation accompanied by my own soundtrack


Following the screening at the Barbican Cinema last summer with the premiere of my soundtrack, I am delighted to present a follow-on event. After the film, I will be happy to answer questions on creation of the soundtrack

Once there were two old men with lumps, Tarobei and Jirobei. Tarobei, honest and hardworking, had a lump on his left cheek, while Jirobei, greedy and lazy, had a lump on his right cheek. One day, Tarobei goes to a mountain to collect firewood and gets caught in a sudden storm. While taking shelter in the hollow of a tree, Tarobei falls asleep. When he wakes up, he hears music played on flutes and drums in the moonlight. Tarobei is lured by the music to a festive party of long-nosed goblins. Requested by the great goblin, Tarobei performs a comical dance in front of the goblins. Tarobei is offered a cup of sake by the great goblin and is invited to another moonlight party. To make sure that he comes, the great goblin takes away his "treasure" (lump). Actually happy about this, Tarobei tells Jirobei the following morning about the goblins' party. Jirobei asks Tarobei to allow him to go to the party instead of Tarobei to obtain a reward for his stick dance. On that night, the long-nosed goblins get displeased at the self-centered dance performed by Jirobei. They get angry at Jirobei who was looking for a chance to steal their treasure, the goblin throws the lump taken from Tarobei on the previous night at Jirobei. Now with lumps on both of his cheeks, Jirobei is blown away by the great goblin's fan.

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