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Waterloo Sunrise

for orchestra

Composed: February 2021
Score Video
Nine Haiku

for viola and piano

Composed: December 2020
Premiered: 1st June 2021

Score Video
Second Innocence

for two pianos

Composed: September 2020
Premiered: 28th September 2020
Score Video
Suite in 31edo

for Fokker organ

Composed: July 2020
Score Video
Mono No Aware

for bass clarinet and electronics

Composed: April 2020
Score Video
Orchestral Fantasia in G♭ Major

for symphony orchestra  2[1.2/picc/afl] 22 2[1.2/cbsn] - 4231 - timp + 2 - str[]

Composed: March 2020
That Which is Unknown

for eight solo voices

Composed: November 2019
The Lump

for piano and microtonal electronics

Composed: June 2019
Premiered: 9th June 2019
“Which tuning would you like?” Piers: Yes.

for large ensemble and microtonally tuned synthesizer

Composed: May 2019
Chatterings of the Mind

for Pierrot ensemble

Composed: February 2019

for violoncello and piano

Composed: February 2019
Premiered: March 2019
Consort Music

for string quartet

Composed: Janurary 2019

for solo piano

Composed: May 2018

for large ensemble

Composed: May 2018
In Tune

for wind quintet

Composed: January 2018
Moro, lasso

for bass voice and electric guitar

Composed: February 2017

for solo guitar

Composed: March 2016
King Toccata

for solo piano, dedicated to Matthew King

Composed: November 2015

for solo piano

Composed: November 2015
Bassoon Trio

for bassoon trio

Composed: June 2015
Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part

for bass voice and guitar

Composed: January 2014
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